2014 Beacon Manufacturers Workshop

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Annapolis, Maryland

  1. Welcome/Introductions/Opening Remarks

  2. Review of Prior Years Action Items

  3. Cospas-Sarsat Update
    (MEOSAR Space Segment, Type approval labs, beacon implementation)

  4. Second Generation Beacon Update (test results, outstanding issues)

  5. MEOSAR D&E Update (preliminary results, ground segment update)

  6. Current DF & Homing Update and Future Plans in Second Generation Beacons
    Supporting documents: 
    a. Second Generation COSPAS-SARSAT Beacon General Direction Finding Requirements C/S G.008 Issue 1 Rev. 2 Section 3.14 - RHOTHETA Proposal
    b. 406 Homing Solution – Beacon Battery Considerations (RTCM)

  7. RTCM Sub-Committee Update (SC-110 & SC-128)

  8. RTCA SC-229 Update

  9. Beacon Use & Issues (False Alert Stats, National use beacons, beacons on UAVs)

  10. Galileo and Return Link Service

  11. 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database (Address Change, Checksum)
    NOTE: Statistics material available on SARSAT website, will not be presented.

  12. Regulatory Changes (ELT Proposed Rulemaking)

  13. Cospas-Sarsat - Beacon Manufacturers Survey

  14. Review of Action Items from this meeting