Why Register Your Beacon

EPIRB beacon registration

Image courtesy of Cospas-Sarsat

U.S. beacon registration and registration updating is quick and easy using the National Beacon Registration Database.

The most important step

The National Beacon Registration Database for U.S. coded beacons is available online. Emergency beacon owners can register and update their beacons directly via the internet.

If you purchase a new or used U.S. coded 406 MHz beacon you MUST register it with NOAA as required by law. If you change any information on your registration (such as phone number, address, bought a new boat, etc.) you MUST update the 406 MHz beacon registration with NOAA. Also, if you sell your 406 MHz beacon, notify NOAA that you have done so, inform the buyer that they must register the beacon for themselves. Otherwise, you may be contacted by rescue authorities if it is activated! Please provide the new owner our phone number or this web page so they can register the beacon.

If you have previously registered your 406 MHz beacon with NOAA but have not accessed your registration information via our online registration site, you can access your beacon (just be sure you have your 15-digit Unique ID at hand) and view/update your registration now!

Accurate Information is Important

You should confirm the accuracy of the information registered with NOAA (particularly the beacon ID) after receiving confirmation that your beacon has been registered. Notify NOAA immediately if inaccurate.

The online registration capability is a significant advantage to beacon owners. Beacon owners can update their registration information as often as it changes. And the update is done immediately instead of having to wait to either fax or mail your changes in. It is important to note, however, that your registration is valid for only two years and you are required to re-register the beacon every two years so that we can maintain up-to-date records on your contact information. We will attempt to contact you every two years to confirm this information. Please keep in mind: it is important to contact NOAA anytime your contact information changes!

Please do your part to help us, so that we can help you!

Should you choose not to register your beacon via the internet, you may print a beacon registration form from the registration website and either mail or fax it in to NOAA.

Adobe Reader is required to both view and print these forms. Print from the Adobe Acrobat Tool Bar to negate any browser incompatibilities.


Mail the original, signed form to NOAA at: (NOTE: U.S. Postal Mail only! No courier deliveries are accepted at this address. Please contact the SARSAT RGDB at 301-817-4515 or toll-free at 1-888-212-SAVE (7283) for information on other delivery options.)

1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Or, fax the signed form to NOAA at 301-817-4565.

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to beacon registration

Please call


U.S.A. coded beacons only

Important: NOAA’s beacon registration database only accepts registration applications to include the country codes of: Alaska (303), Hawaii (338), Puerto Rico (358), US Virgin Islands (379), Northern Marianas Islands (536), American Samoa (559), and the contiguous United States (366, 367, 368, & 369). If you do not have a beacon coded for these areas you cannot register your beacon with NOAA. Contact your beacon manufacturer to see where to register your beacon if you own a non-U.S.A. coded beacon. You may also find information for registering non-U.S.A. coded beacons on the Cospas-Sarsat website.