2016 Beacon Manufacturers Workshop

Friday, May 20, 2016
Clearwater, Florida USA


BMW Meeting Minutes

1. Cospas-Sarsat Update

2. ICAO’s Global Aviation Distress and Safety System (GADSS)

3. RTCA SC-229 Update (WG-1 & WG-2)

4. Second Generation Beacon Update

5. Florida State Bill SB 746 (State Recreational Vessel Fee Reduction for EPIRBs/PLBs Owners)

6. RTCM Sub-Committee Update (SC-110)

7. MEOSAR D&E Update and Plans for Early Operational Capability (EOC)

8. Homing & Intelligent Transmit Schedule Correspondence Group

8a. Direction Finding On Spread Spectrum Signals

9. Beacon Use, Issues and 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database

10. SARSAT Beacon Testing Policy

11. Beacon Type Approval Process

12. Cospas-Sarsat - Beacon Manufacturers Survey