2017 Beacon Manufacturers Workshop

Friday, May 12, 2017
Clearwater, Florida USA


BMW Meeting Minutes

1. Cospas-Sarsat Update

2. MEOSAR Update

3. Second Generation Beacon Updates to Cospas-Sarsat Documentation

4. Beacon Type Approval Process for Second Generation Beacons

5. Second Generation Beacons Update

6. Galileo Launches and Return Link Service

7. RTCM SC-110 Update


9. ELT(DT) Updates to Cospas-Sarsat Documents

10. Beacon Type Approval Process for ELT(DT) Changes

11. Second Generation Beacons/Spread Spectrum Homing

12. Beacon Use, Issues and 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database

13. Cospas-Sarsat - Beacon Manufacturers Survey