SARSAT Safety Notices

Airworthiness Directives, Ameri-King Corporation ELTs

In regards to the 82 FR 43677 – AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVES; AMERI-KING CORPORATION EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTERS effective October 24, 2017. Please follow the instructions specified by the FAA in the AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVES if you have an Ameri-king ELT which falls under this directive.

As a reminder, 14 CFR 91.207 outlines the requirements for Emergency locator transmitters (ELT) used in the United States. 14 CFR 91.207 (d) outlines the annual inspection requirements that must be repeated at intervals not to exceed 12 months for all ELTs in the United States.

Unapproved Beacon Battery Warning

Cospas-Sarsat type approval is conducted with manufacturer installed battery packs in a beacon. Therefore, NOAA recommends that beacon owners always use manufacturer approved battery packs which have been tested as a part of the original Cospas-Sarsat beacon approval and known to meet operational requirements. Beacon owners should consult their beacon manufacturer or one of their approved service centers to obtain proper battery replacements. Certain aftermarket replacement battery packs that are not approved by the beacon manufacturer have been shown to be of inferior quality and may pose a safety risk and/or result in the failure of the beacon to function properly in a distress situation.


Orolia Limited, owner of Kannad Marine has become aware of an issue affecting Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs which could result in the beacon not operating in an emergency situation and is instigating a voluntary Global Recall Program for SAFELINK EPIRBs for more information read Kannad’s recall procedure.