2010 Beacon Manufacturers Workshop

May 21, 2010 09:00 – 17:00
San Diego, CA 


2010 BMW Meeting Minutes

               I. Introduction & Opening Remarks (M. Fitzmaurice, NOAA) 

               II. RTCM Sub-Committee Update 
                A) RTCM / SC110 (C. Hoffman, RTCM) 
                B) RTCM / SC128 on Alternate Technology (C. Hoffman, RTCM) 

               III. Beacon Use 
                A) False Alert Statistics (S. Baker) 
                B) Beacon Malfunction Modes (S. Baker) 
                C) Update False Alert Causes (Capt L. Yarbrough, USCG) 

              IV. NOAA 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database (A. Mathur) 
                A) RGDB Statistical Analysis and Population 
                B) Actions to improve accuracy 

              V. Beacon Population and Coding 
                A) Changes in beacon population forecast calculations (T. Griffin) 
                B) Beacon coding issues (T. Griffin/S. Baker) 

              VI. COSPAS-SARSAT System Update 
                A) U.S. SARSAT agency reports (NOAA / USAF / USCG / NASA
                B) Cospas-Sarsat Secretariat (C-S Secretariat) 
                C) AIS-SART (J. King, CRC-Canada) 

              VII. Additional Items 
                A) Beacon Modernization (D. Lemon) 
                B) Rechargeable Batteries (J. Christo) 

              VIII. Review of Action Items 

              IX. Evaluation 

              X. Closing Remarks (M. Fitzmaurice, NOAA)